iSenior—A Support System for Elderly Citizens



Health and safety monitoring of elderly citizens is key to the improvement of their quality of life, by enabling them to be more independent. This was the general motivation for developing the iSenior system presented in this paper. iSenior is a wireless embedded system solution for people living in rest homes that retain their mobility and, thus, move around the facilities and can even go outside. iSenior currently supports a set of functions like monitoring, alerting, and requesting assistance. The system has been implemented and is under evaluation in a real world deployment. The aim of this paper is to provide information on the main features of the system, including architecture, implementation details, and performance evaluation. The paper also discusses the lessons learnt throughout the system development.


network embedded systems, sensor-based applications, independent aging; healthcare


Cyber-physical systems, healthcare monitoring,


IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing, IEEE, December 2013

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