A Fault-Tolerant Session Layer with Reliable One-Way Messaging and Server Migration Facility



Despite being extremely successful, TCP has a number of shortcomings when network disruptions occur, or when peers do not follow a request-reply interaction: it does not handle connection crashes, event-driven communication or application migration. In many cases, programmers must engineer their own solutions to write reliable distributed applications.
To overcome these limitations, we propose FTSL, a Fault- Tolerant Session Layer that works on top of TCP. Besides offering a full-duplex connection, FTSL owns a number of distinctive features: it tolerates TCP connection crashes, it provides highly decoupled reliable patterns for one-way communication, and it enables server-side migration. While the first two greatly simplify distributed systems programming for a wide range of applications, the latter enables cloud systems managers to move a server application for load balance or maintenance, without moving the entire virtual machine. We present the FTSL protocol, its implementation, and resort to performance to show that FTSL imposes a reasonable overhead for the guarantees it provides.


Fault Tolerance, Application Migration, One- Way Messaging, TCP, Session Layer


Reliable Distributed Communication

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3rd Symposium on Network Cloud Computing and Applications (NCCA14) 2014

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 Castro-León, M., Meyer, H., Rexachs, D., & Luque, E. (2015). Fault tolerance at system level based on RADIC architecture. Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, 86, 98-111.