SOA Implementation Critical Success Factors in Healthcare



Purpose: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is increasingly adopted by many sectors, including healthcare. Due to the nature of healthcare systems there is a need to increase SOA adoption success rates as the non integrated nature of healthcare systems is responsible for medical errors that cause the loss of tens of thousands patients per year. Despite, numerous factors affect SOA success, these have not been explored and analysed yet, especially in the area of healthcare. This highlights a literature void and thus the purpose of this paper is to identify Critical Success Factors (CSFs) influencing SOA implementation in healthcare. Design/methodology/approach: We critically review the literature and identify individual factors that may form CSFs for SOA implementation in healthcare. In doing so, we synthesise and propose a conceptual model of SOA CSFs in healthcare. The conceptual model is tested in the practical arena using a qualitative research methodology that is based on a case study strategy. Findings: The empirical findings verify the proposed model and reveal that an additional SOA CSF in healthcare does exist. It is also revealed that the proposed model helped the case organisation to successfully implement a SOA solution. Research limitations/Implications: The implications that derive from this article are important for both theory and practice. At practical level, the paper delivers a model that can be used as a decision making tool by professionals when they implement SOA solutions in healthcare. At a theoretical level, the proposed model extends the body of knowledge on this area and opens new avenues for research. From another point of view it is suggested that further research is required on this area as the proposed conceptual model was tested only through a single case study. Thus, multiple case studies or other types of research strategies should be used to better test the proposed model. Originality/value: This work is original and focuses on CSFs related to SOA implementations in healthcare organizations. The work can be considered as novel as it identifies and classifies SOA CSFs for solutions that have been developed in the area of healthcare.


SOA Governance


SOA Governance


Journal of Enterprise Information Management, Vol. 26, #4, pp. 343-362, Zahir Irani 2013

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