Providing Integrated e-Health Services for Personalized Medicine utilizing Cloud Infrastructure



The purpose of this paper is to introduce a multidisciplinary project that combines state of the art technologies like cloud computing, Service-Oriented-Architecture (SOA),homecare telemedicine technologies, e-PHR, e-Prescribing, e-referral and e-learning. The combination of these technologies will lead to an innovative integrated e-health platform that delivers many benefits to the society, the economy the industry and the research community. Therefore, a consortium from experts both from industry (two companies, one hospital and one healthcare organization) and academia (three universities) were set to investigate, analyse, design, build and test the innovative ehealth platform.This paper presents an analysis of the integrated ehealth services concept and the early stages of the project. In doing so, we aim at increasing the awareness of this important endeavour and provide insights of the knowledge gained so far throughout our work.


Integrated e-health services, cloud computing, SOA, e-PHR, e-prescribing, e-referral


Cloud Computing and e-health


European, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Conference on Information Systems 2013(EMCIS 2013) 2013

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