A Decision Making Framework for SOA Adoption in e-Banking: A Case Study Approach



E-banking grows rapidly due to the numerous potential benefits associated with it and integration is one of the most important challenges for e-banking success. In addressing integration issues, SOA has emerged and adopted by many banks. Nevertheless, numerous banks fail to achieve successful SOA adoption for various reasons. One of the main reasons is attributed to the lack of a methodological framework that would (a) explain factors affecting SOA adoption in e-banking and (b) define the SOA adoption process in e-banking. Such a framework might be used by banks as a decision making tool to support the mechanism of effective decision-making. As a result, the aim of this paper is: (a) to fill in this literature void by proposing a decision making framework for SOA adoption in e-banking and (b) to test it through a case study approach in the practical arena. In doing so, this paper extends the body of knowledge and provides new insights related to SOA adoption in e-banking.


E-banking, SOA




4th International Conference on Economics, Business and Management 2013

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