Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment Innovative approaches developed in HeartCycle project



Two innovative CVD event risk assessment strategies were developed in the scope of HeartCycle project: i) combination of individual risk assessment tools; ii) personalization of risk assessment based on grouping of patients.
These approaches aimed to defeat some of the major limitations of the tools currently applied in the daily clinical practice, namely to: i) improve the risk prediction performance when comparing it to the one achieved by the individual current risk assessment tools; ii) consider the available knowledge provided by other risk assessment tools; iii) cope with missing risk factors; iv) incorporate additional clinical knowledge.
Two different real patients’ datasets were applied to validate the developed strategies: i) Santa Cruz Hospital, Portugal, N=460 ACS-NSTEMI1 patients; ii) Leiria Pombal Hospital Centre, Portugal, N=99 ACS-NSTEMI.
Based on the gathered results, we propose a new strategy in order to improve patients’ stratification.

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Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society,EMBC, 2013 Annual International Conference of the IEEE, , July 2013

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