Evaluating Future Mobility Survey: Preliminary Comparison with Traditional Travel Survey



This paper presents compares two different travel survey instruments that were administered to the same set of users, in the context of the 2012 travel survey data collection effort in Singapore. The House- hold Interview Travel Survey (HITS) of 2012 follows the traditional static paper based approach while the Future Mobility Survey (FMS) is a smartphone based travel survey being developed in Singapore and MIT. The paper describes the FMS technology as well as the survey implementation and its relationship with HITS. Moreover, we discuss the data collected and compare the survey results of 244 participants who completed both the HITS and FMS surveys. Overall, participants collected 739 days of data. Using the data, we discuss both the successes and challenges experienced with the two approaches.


travel surveys, data collection, GPS, activity diary


Smartphone-based data collection


93rd Transport Research Board Annual Meeting (TRB 2014), January 2014

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