Gaussian Process Classification and Active Learning with Multiple Annotators



Learning from multiple annotators took a valuable step towards modeling data that does not fit the usual single annotator setting, since multiple annotators sometimes offer varying degrees of expertise. When disagreements occur, the establishment of the correct label through trivial solutions such as majority voting may not be adequate, since without considering heterogeneity in the annotators, we risk generating a flawed model. In this paper, we generalize GP classification in order to account for multiple annotators with different levels expertise. By explicitly handling uncertainty, Gaussian processes (GPs) provide a natural framework for building proper multiple-annotator models. We empirically show that our model significantly outperforms other commonly used approaches, such as majority voting, without a significant increase in the computational cost of approximate Bayesian inference. Furthermore, an active learning methodology is proposed, which is able to reduce annotation cost even further.


Machine Learning, crowdsourcing, gaussian processes, active learning


Efficient learning from crowdsourcing data

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International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML 2014), June 2014

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