Geometric Selective Harmony Search



This paper presents a new variant of the Harmony Search algorithm, called Geometric Selective Harmony Search. The main differences between the proposed variant and the original formulation of Harmony Search are the integration of a selection procedure in the improvisation phase, a new memory consideration process that makes use of a recombination operator, and the integration of a new mutation operator. We compare Geometric Selective Harmony Search with the original Harmony Search, with another existing variant called Improved Harmony Search, and with two existing selection based Harmony Search algorithms. The experimental study was conducted on 20 benchmark problems belonging to the CEC 2010 suite, one of the most well-known state-of-the-art benchmark sets. The results show that Geometric Selective Harmony Search outperforms the other studied methods with statistical significance in almost all the considered benchmark problems.


genetic programming


Information Sciences 2014

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