Towards a Business Process Quality Culture: From High-level Guidelines to Grassroots Actions



We present an information systems development (ISD) approach to integrate quality culture in business processes. Action research is our mode of inquiry and a company from the food industry provides the setting. Food production involves auditing throughout the supply chain and a demanding information system, with numerous goals and rules grounded on the organizational policies and values. However, there is a lack of holistic process-oriented approaches to leverage a quality culture. This paper provides a contribution, with the ISO2 approach, offering a set of artifacts to support the ISD lifecycle. An audit from a food retail group confirmed the positive outcome of its use, internalizing quality principles while developing the IS, and it is planning to suggest its adoption by their network of food suppliers.


Business Process Quality Culture, Information Systems, Quality, Synergies


Information Systems

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iCIS - Intelligent Computing in the Internet of Services


23rd International Conference on Information Systems Development (ISD), Varazdin, Croatia, September 2014

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