A General Distributed Architecture for Resilient Monitoring over Heterogeneous Networks



The growing developments on networked devices, with different
communication structures and capabilities made possible the emergence of new
architectures for monitoring systems. In the case of heterogeneous distributed
environments, where knowledge, processing devices, sensors and actuators are
distributed throughout the network, the design of such systems are challenging
in terms of integration and, markedly, in security and state-awareness of the
overall system. This work proposes a general distributed architecture, with
supporting methods, for building a resilient monitoring system that can
adaptively accommodate both cyber and physical anomalies. Its implementation
relies on multi-agent systems within a distributed middleware.


Resilient systems; distributed computing; embedded systems; multi-agents; wireless sensor and actuator network; heterogeneous networks

Book Chapter

Technological Innovation for Collective Awareness Systems, 00, pp. 129-136, Springer Berlin Heidelberg 2014


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