Critical Issues of Centralized and Cloudified LTE FDD Radio Access Networks



Cloudification of the Centralized-Radio Access Network (C-RAN), in which signal processing runs on general purpose processors inside virtual machines, has lately received significant attention. Due to short deadlines in the LTE Frequency Division Duplex access method, processing time fluctuations introduced by the virtualization process have a deep impact on C-RAN performance. This report evaluates bottlenecks of the OpenAirInterface (OAI is an open-source software-based implementation of LTE) cloud performance, provides feasibility studies on C-RAN execution, and introduces a cloud architecture that significantly reduces the encountered execution problems. In typical cloud environments, the OAI processing time deadlines cannot be guaranteed. Our proposed cloud architecture shows good characteristics for the OAI cloud execution. As an example, in our setup more than 99.5% processed LTE subframes reach reasonable processing deadlines close to performance of a dedicated machine.


Cloud Computing, Real-Time Cloud Computing, Radio Access Network, Cloudification, Long Term Evolution

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