Evolution and Trauma in Corporate e-Learning



We present the results of a qualitative study on how bad experiences in e-learning have traumatized companies and e-learning teams and how they have been coping and recovering from those experiences. The study is based on interviews with e-learning managers at prime companies with about 10.000 employees and training budgets over € 5 million Euros, and where e-learning initiatives account for about 50% of the training volume. The results show that companies have signs of confidence in their experience in e-learning and have been dealing with traumas as consequences of bad experiences. The managing teams revealed discomfort with some experiences, the reactions from the trainees, and some previous decisions. Specifically, we found cases of difficulty in handling adversities regarding the platforms, the learning contents, the trainees' maturities and attitudes, and
the attitudes from syndicates and top management. The results of this study may help companies self diagnose their traumas and the impact of their negative experience on their decisions, in order to eliminate their internal blocking forces and improve their e-learning processes.


trauma in e-learning


7th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation , November 2014

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