Querying Geometric Figures Using a Controlled Language, Ontological Graphs and Dependency Lattices



Dynamic geometry systems (DGS) have become basic tools in many areas of geometry as, for example, in education. Geometry Automated Theorem Provers (GATP) are an active area of research and are considered as being basic tools in future enhanced educational software as well as in a next generation of mechanised mathematics assistants. Recently emerged Web repositories of geometric knowledge, like TGTP and Intergeo, are an attempt to make the already vast data set of geometric knowledge widely available. Considering the large amount of geometric information already available, we face the need of a query mechanism for descriptions of geometric constructions.

In this paper we discuss three approaches for describing geometric figures (declarative, procedural, analytic), and present algorithms for querying geometric figures in either declaratively or analytically described corpora, by using a DGS or a dedicated controlled natural language for queries.


geometry, queries


Querying in Geometry


Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics, CICM 2014, 7-11 July 2014, University Coimbra, Portugal. pe, July 2014


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