Reproducing a Geometric Working Session



The Web Geometry Laboratory} (WGL project's goal is, to build an adaptive and collaborative blended-learning Web-environment for geometry.

In its current version (1.2) the WGL is already a collaborative blended-learning Web-environment integrating a dynamic geometry system (DGS) and with some adaptive features. The building of the adaptive module is a two steps task, a first task, already almost completed, is the collection of data, textual, navigation and also geometric data. A second task will be, using the collected data, the construction of student profiles and/or learning paths. In this article the process of collection of the data and its visualisation will be described.

The actual testing of the WGL platform by high-school teachers is underway and field-tests with high-school students are being prepared. The next steps in the development of this platform will be the construction of student profiles and/or learning paths. The integration of a geometric automated theorem prover, allowing the exploration of geometric reasoning in a learning environment is also planned.


Geometry, Dynamic geometry systems, adaptive learning


Conferences on Intelligent Computer Mathematics, CICM 2014, 7-11 July 2014, University Coimbra, Portugal., July 2014


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