Poetry generation with PoeTryMe



PoeTryMe is a platform for the automatic generation of poetry, with a versatile architecture that provides a high level of customisation. The user can define features that go from the poem configuration and the line templates, to the initial seed words that will define a generation domain, and also the generation strategy. In this chapter, we introduce PoeTryMe’s architecture and describe how we used it to generate poetry in Portuguese, using natural language processing resources for this language as well as patterns that denote semantic relations in human-created poetry. After presenting the resources used with PoeTryMe, the problem of poetry generation is tackled incrementally, as our decisions are explained and illustrated, step-by-step. In the end, the objective features of the poems generated by the implemented strategies are compared, while the best-scoring poems are shown.


computational creativity, linguistic creativity, poetry generation


Computational Creativity, Poetry Generation

Book Chapter

Computational Creativity Research: Towards Creative Machines, 12, pp. 243-266, Springer/Atlantis Press, January 2015


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