Business Intelligence Tools



Business intelligence platforms allows managers and business analysts monitor data and statistics, make decisions, analyze market trends, study the insertion of new products and maintain profitable and long-lasting relationships with customers in order to stay competitive in a global world. Consequently, the importance of using business intelligence tools is crucial for the success of actual organizations. Yet, many organizations are learning that this no easy task to decide which business intelligence tool to choose to expand their business. In this work we evaluate eight major business intelligence tools: four commercial (IBM Cognos, Microsoft BI, MicroStrategy and Oracle BI) and four open source solutions (JasperSoft, Pentaho, SpagoBI and Vanilla). The main objective is to present the differences in functionality between the various platforms, estimating overall usability, helping decision managers to choose the best tool to their business.

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Computational Intelligence and Decision Making – Trends and Applications, 25, pp. 267-276, Springer Netherlands 2013


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