Open Source Capture and Replay Tools Comparison



Testing the graphical user interface (GUI) of a software product is important to ensure the quality of the system and therefore to improve the user satisfaction of using the software. Using tools to support the testing process solves the problems of the manual testing which is tedious and time consuming. Capture and replay tools are commonly used in GUI testing. In this paper we compare five open source capture and replay tools, namely Abbot, Jacareto, JFCUnit, Marathon and Pounder, in terms of ease of use and capture and replay capabilities. In order to compare the tools, we defined comparison characteristics and after evaluating each tool, we selected the one that showed the best results in almost all criteria. The results of our study may serve as guidance for any novice tester or company that pretends to automate the GUI testing process using capture and replay tools.


C3S2E’13 - International C* Conference on Computer Science & Software Engineering 2013


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