Contiguous animated edge-based cartograms for traffic visualization



We describe an experimental model to animate contiguous computer cartograms by distorting the topological lengths of their edges. We use traffic information for the city of Lisbon to generate cartograms where the length of a road traduces the velocity in it by using mesh of springs that reacts to data injections. Furthermore we apply this model to two visualizations: the first is a trajectory visualization of vehicles, creating a temperature map for the roads’ velocities; the second is a figurative approach where we visualize Lisbon as a system of pulsing blood vessels. Our model can efficiently generate and animate edge-based cartograms with low representation errors.


information visualization, traffic visualization, cartogram


Information visualization, cartograms, cartography, traffic visualization


IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, Vol. 35, #5, pp. 6-13, May 2015


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