NORX: Parallel and Scalable AEAD



This paper introduces NORX, a novel authenticated encryption scheme supporting
arbitrary parallelism degree and based on ARX primitives, yet not using modular
additions. NORX has a unique parallel architecture based on the monkeyDuplex
construction, with an original domain separation scheme for a simple processing
of header, payload and trailer data. Furthermore, NORX specifies a dedicated
datagram to facilitate interoperability and avoid users the trouble of defining
custom encoding and signalling. NORX was optimized for efficiency in both
software and hardware, with a SIMD-friendly core, almost byte-aligned
rotations, no secret-dependent memory lookups, and only bitwise operations. On
a Haswell processor, a serial version of NORX runs at 2.51 cycles per byte.
Simulations of a hardware architecture for 180 nm UMC ASIC give a throughput
of approximately 10 Gbps at 125 MHz.


authenticated encryption, stream cipher, cryptographic sponges


ESORICS 2014 2014


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