Automatic Software Development as a Service (ASDaaS)



Cloud-based services have become a norm for business application development. With Cloud Computing and the convergence toward Everything as a Service (XaaS), we no longer consider the classical context of application development, where IT teams or integrators are solicited. Current approaches in Cloud environments are usually designed for a specific Cloud platform; moreover, they are only designed for technical users. To overcome the lack of generic and complete methodology for business application development, we propose a methodology for Automatic Software Development as a Service (ASDaaS), which is designed for non-technical users and promotes services reuse. In this paper, we focus on the phase of business software requirement gathering of our methodology. We define the requirement vocabulary based on linked data principles, and extend the Linked USDL language to describe business stakeholder requirements as service functions, business constraints, user preferences and QoS parameters. Our approach is illustrated with an e-commerce example.


4th International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science (CLOSER 2014), April 2014

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