A Multi-agent System for Outliers Accommodation in Wireless Sensor Networks



n monitoring applications the accuracy of data is paramount. When considering wireless sensor networks the quality of readings taken from the environment may be hampered by outliers in raw data collected from transmitters attached to nodes' analogue-to-digital converter ports. To improve the data quality sent to the base-station, a real-time data analysis should be implemented at nodes' level, while taking into account their computing power and storage limitations. This paper deals with the problem of outliers detection and accommodation in raw data. The proposed approach relies on univariate statistics within an hierarchical multi-agent framework. Results from experiments on a real monitoring scenario, at a major oil refinery plant, show the relevance of the proposed approach.


Oil refinery plant, real-time monitoring, wireless sensor networks, outliers detection and accommodation, multi-agent systems.

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iCIS - Intelligent Computing in the Internet of Services


International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering, Vol. 6, #6, pp. 457-468, International Academy Publishing, December 2014

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