Distributed Multi-Agent Architecture for Dependable Supervision over {WSAN}: Oil Refinery Tests



In supervision applications over wireless sensor and actuator
networks the communication channels' reliability, along
with the network quality of service and readings are critical
issues. As such, in the design and implementation stages
of such schemes preventive measures should be taken into
account for the sake of control systems dependability. This
paper proposes a multi-agent based framework implemented
in some of the nodes of the network, for dealing with intermittent
communication link breakdowns on the forward
channel and accommodating outliers on the raw data taken
from the environment. Experiments on a real oil refnery
process demonstrate the feasibility of such approaches in the
context of critical industrial supervision tasks.


Oil refinery plant, real-time monitoring, wireless sensor networks, outliers detection and accommodation, multi-agent systems.

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iCIS - Intelligent Computing in the Internet of Services


12th International Conference on Advances in Mobile Computing & Multimedia (MoMM'2014), December 2014

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