J.AgentX: a Tool for Dynamic Deployment of Open Management Services



This paper presents J.AgentX, a Java-based toolkit for dynamic extension of SNMP
agents. This toolkit provides an easy way to dynamically supply SNMP-based interfaces to new management services, reducing the costs associated with the deployment of these new services.
J.AgentX is fully compliant with the recent AgentX standard (thus assuring interoperability) but goes one step further by including several features for faster service development, like a powerful high-level interface, simultaneous support for different communication mechanisms, a small footprint and portability.
These features were successfully employed to provide SNMP-compliant network management services based on flexible and innovative delegation topologies. Two of those experiences will also be presented in this paper. In the first one J.AgentX provides an SNMP interface to management services based on mobile code. In the second experience J.AgentX is used to develop transparent proxies for legacy monolithic services.

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 Frank Straus, Jurgen Schonwalder, Sven Mertens, "JAX " A Java Agent X Subagent Toolkit?, Proceedings of IPOM"2000 " IEEE Workshop on IP-oriented Operations & Management, Cracow, Poland, September 2-4, 2000.