ChronoFindMe: Social Networks’ Location-Based Services



Social networks such as Facebook have grown exponentially over the past decade. This growth led to the exploration of new services that could enhance users’ experiences and constitute a driver for even more followers. With the proliferation of smartphones and the increasing search for applications that enable the sharing of experiences, social networks became eager to integrate into mobile devices, taking advantage of their impressive omnipresence and panoply of sensors. Amongst the sensors, the most notable are the localization sensors (GPS) that allow for the development of location-based services that use the geographical position to enrich user experiences in a variety of contexts, including location-based searching and location-based mobile interaction. ChronoFindMe enhances location-based services by adding a temporal component not present in current approaches. The authors allow information about past and future locations to be considered by defining an architecture that provides location-based services to users of social networks. This information includes data about time and space, which can be accessed through the social network or a specific mobile application, using privacy policies to assure users’ privacy.


Social Networks; Mobile location services


Social Networks; Mobile location services

Book Chapter

Sociotechnical Enterprise Information Systems Design and Integration, 11, pp. 154-170, IGI Global, June 2013


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