Database Synchronization Model for Mobile Devices



With the increasing number of mobile devices it is necessary to create adapted solutions for this type of devices that respect their limited processing capacities, memory and bandwidth. We propose a synchronization model based on message digests to synchronize relational databases between mobile devices and a server, in order to minimize the data transferred between the device and the server and to minimize the processing done by the mobile device. The approach consists in a synchronization model where the amount of data to be exchanged has been reduced to the minimum. In order to achieve the model above a registry is done in the device with the new, the modified or removed content, which purpose is to send only the essential data for synchronization from the device to the server. Regarding the synchronization from the server to the device, the modifications are calculated and sent to the device. This model is independent of proprietary solutions and can be adapted to any system or platform, often involving software development to the mobile application and the application server. The results of testing the model show that the proposed model can achieve better synchronization times than the competitor models, while always fulfilling the set objectives.


9ª Conferência Ibérica de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informação 2014

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