The Implementation of One-Sided Communications for WMPI II



This paper describes the implementation of MPI-2 one-sided communications (OSC) for the forthcoming WMPI II product, aimed at clusters of workstations (Windows workstations, for now). This implementation is layered directly on top of the WMPI Management Layer (WML), rather than being on top of the MPI layer and as such can draw more performance from the new features of the WMPI's WML. The major features of this implementation are presented, including the synchronization operations, the remote memory operations and the datatype handling mechanism. Performance benchmarks were taken, comparing the message passing and the one-sided communication models, as well as to compare this implementation with one layered on top of MPI.


mpi, mpi-2, one-sided communications


Parallel and Distributed Computing


Euro PVM/MPI 2001, April 2002

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