Giving hope to refractory epileptic patients



This paper outlines the results and challenges identified by the FP7 Epilepsiae project as a follow up to the initial paper presented at IST-Africa 2009. Four main outcomes are described: (i) the Epilepsy Database with long term acquired multichannel EEG data of 275 patients, (ii) the computational framework Epilab with a set of features and algorithms for seizure prediction, (iii) the real time transportable device Brainatic aimed to be used by refractory epileptic patients to warn impending seizures, (iv) the results of a large study for seizure prediction using data from 278 patients. The project achieved important steps forward but challenges still remain.


Epilepsy, seizure prediction, epilepsiae project, biosignals analysis, classification.


Epiletic seizures prediction

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EPILEPSIAE- Evolving Platform for Improving Living Expectation of Patients


2014 IST-Africa Conference & Exhibition DOI: 10.1109/ISTAFRICA.2014.6880622 , May 2014

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