Load Balancing in LTE Mobile Networks with Information-Centric Networking



Mobile networks usage rapidly increased over the years, with great consequences in terms of performance requirements. In this paper, we propose mechanisms to use Information-Centric Networking to perform load balancing in mobile networks, providing content delivery over multiple radio technologies at the same time and thus efficiently using resources and improving the overall performance of content transfer. Meaningful results were obtained by comparing content transfer over single radio links with typical strategies to content transfer over multiple radio links with Information-Centric Networking load balancing. Results demonstrate that Information-Centric Networking load balancing increases the performance and efficiency of 3GPP Long Term Evolution mobile networks while greatly improving the network perceived quality for end users.


Information-Centric Networking, Content-Centric Networking, Load Balancing, LTE


IEEE ICC 2015 - Third International Workshop on Cloud Computing Systems, Networks, and Applications (CCSNA), June 2015


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