Computational Creativity in Procedural Content Generation: A State of the Art Survey



Computational Creativity is a research area that encompasses, among other investigation, the study of creativity models applied to the production of artifacts. As such, artistic areas are targeted by Computational Creativity researchers. One such area, that could potentially benefit from the inclusion of artificial creativity models, is Procedural Content Generation. In this paper, we provide a survey of Procedural Content Generators that contain explicit creativity models. We start by presenting an overview of Procedural Content Generation alongside its applications in addition to providing some insights regarding Computational Creativity, in general. We then illustrate the common grounds that Procedural Content Generation shares with Computational Creativity and, finally, we pinpoint future directions for research.


Videojogos 2014, November 2014

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 Thompson, T., & Watling, R. Discerning Human and Procedurally Crafted Content for Video Games.