Cooperative security management for broadband network environments



From an internet service provider's (ISP) perspective, modern broadband access networks pose significant and ever increasing challenges in terms of security management. The growing number of permanently connected home networks, with a myriad of poorly managed devices, imposes significant security risks not only to the domestic customers, unable to defend themselves from security attacks, but also to the ISP and third-parties potentially targeted by large-scale distributed botnet attacks fed by swarms of zombie domestic personal computers. In this context, the traditional delimitation of customer and ISP perimeters is no longer effective. Home networks became too complex and vulnerable to be autonomously managed by the average customer, and the scale and sophistication of distributed security attacks make it more and more difficult for the ISP to properly manage security without intervening outside the boundaries of its own network. Considering this state of affairs, we propose an alternative architecture for security management. This architecture increases the level of integration and cooperation between the domains of the ISP infrastructure and the home network. At the same time, it potentially improves the scalability and granularity of traditional intrusion detection and prevention mechanisms.


Security;distributed IDS;home networks;CWMP

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iCIS - Intelligent Computing in the Internet of Services


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