IT Governance Practices for Electric Utilities: Insights from Brazil and Europe



We propose a framework of 14 IT governance practices tailored for the electric utilities sector. They were selected and ranked as “essential”, “important”, or “good” by top executives and IT staff from two multi-billion dollar companies – one in Brazil and another in Europe – from a generic set of 83 collected in the literature and in the field. Our framework addresses a need of electric utilities for which specific guidance was lacking. We have also uncovered a significant impact of social issues in IT governance, whose depth seems to be missing in the current research. As a byproduct of our work, the larger generic framework from which we have departed and the tailoring method that we have proposed can be used to customize the generic framework to different industries.


IT governance, best practices, ranking, socio-technical, electric utility, Brazil, Europe


information systems, IT governance


Open Journal of Information Systems, Vol. 2, #1, pp. 9-28 2015

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