Simulation of Structured Text Language for PLC Programming



Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) have been
used for long in Industry and are part of learning programs in
academia. The utilization of these devices must be done with care
due to their electrical connections and to the work with possible
dangerous or sensitive machines. As such, learning to program
and use those in a safe and effective way is recommended and
desired both in industrial and academia contexts. We describe a
software simulator, which simulates a PLC TSX3721 as well as
its programming code, namely Structured Text (ST), and also a
HMI panel. It can be used to simulate discrete-event systems,
discrete-time systems and hybrid systems, at their several
working stages. A description of the PLC simulation
architectures and its development is provided, as well as
illustrative examples.


3rd International Conference Experiment@, June 2015

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