A distributed multi-agent approach for resilient supervision over a IPv6 WSAN infrastructure



Abstract—Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks has become
an important area of research. They can provide flexibility,
low operational and maintenance costs and they are inherently
scalable. In the realm of Internet of Things the majority of
devices is able to communicate with one another, and in some
cases they can be deployed with an IP address. This feature
is undoubtedly very beneficial in wireless sensor and actuator
networks applications, such as monitoring and control systems.
However, this kind of communication infrastructure is rather
challenging as it can compromise the overall system performance
due to several factors, namely outliers, intermittent communi-
cation breakdown or security issues. In order to improve the
overall resilience of the system, this work proposes a distributed
hierarchical multi-agent architecture implemented over a IPv6
communication infrastructure. The Contiki Operating System
and RPL routing protocol were used together to provide a IPv6
based communication between nodes and an external network.
Experimental results collected from a laboratory IPv6 based
WSAN test-bed, show the relevance and benefits of the proposed
methodology to cope with communication loss between nodes and
the server.


2015 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology 2015


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