CDN and ICN Integration into the LTE EPS Architecture



Recently, the demand for content in the Internet increased considerably. In fact, it keeps increasing at an even higher rate and, as the demand for content increases, also the amount of traffic in the networks is becoming higher. To tackle this issue, Content Distribution Networks have been used in the last years as a way to cache content closer to the user and hence eliminate some bottlenecks in the Internet core network and the overall amount of traffic in the peering between network operators. However, this did not solve the problem in one of the most important segments of the path between the content and the content source - the access network. In fact, as today the usage of mobile devices is getting each time higher, problems such as congestion and bandwidth inefficient usage that were tackled at the Internet core using Content Distribution Networks now need to be tackled in mobile networks. In this work, the objective is to propose solutions for these particular issues, mainly by introducing a new concept called Mobile Content Distribution Networks integrated with yet another concept named Information Centric Networking. Using both these concepts and their integration into the architecture of Long-Term Evolution Evolved Packet System, a solution is proposed to improve the Quality of Experience for the end user and to reduce the amount of traffic in mobile networks.


CDN, ICN, LTE, Mobile Networks


2013 Doctoral Workshop on Distributed Systems

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