A Mobile Follow-Me Cloud Content Caching Model



With the increasing usage of mobile devices for traffic-heavy applications, mobile operators struggle for delivering good performance while, at the same time, optimizing resource consumption. By resorting to Information-Centric Networking and mobile cloud computing paradigms, mobile operators are able to tackle this challenge, simultaneously supporting more users and reducing operational costs. In this paper we propose a Mobile Follow-Me Cloud (M-FMC) model for enhancing the migration of content caches located at the edge of cloudified mobile networks, leveraging the benefits of such paradigms. This is achieved by accounting for content popularity and user mobility, optimizing systems' caches according to user interests and improving the usage of resources. Evaluation results demonstrate that the proposed model achieves more than 90% accuracy in the real-time selection of content objects to be migrated between caches. This performance is reflected in higher cache-hit rates, therefore representing an improvement in content-access latency and overall bandwidth savings.


Information-Centric Networking, Content Migration, Caching, Mobile Cloud, Follow-Me Cloud


IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS 2016), April 2016


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