Reflections on playfulness, imagination and creativity, their relations and open questions



We are currently interested in the study of core concepts: playfulness, imagination, creativity. In here we are looking at existing theoretical perspectives on these concepts, trying to understand the relationships between them, to identify unanswered questions. While trying to put into evidence the relationships between these concepts for the study of creative processes, we aim at designing future solutions for digital media or technological support for collective creation. At the moment we realize that there is a lack of consensus around these concepts and the way they interrelate, how they can be studied and their relationship with technological innovations. Finally, we enumerate several unanswered questions in this context.


playfulness, imagination, creativity, contexts for collective imagination and creation.


game, simulation and play


10ª Conferência Ibérica de Sistemas e Tecnologias de Informação Águeda, Portugal 17 a 20 de Junho de 2015, June 2015

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