Cassandra: what it does and what it does not and benchmarking



Cassandra is an open source distributed data store system designed for managing and storing huge amounts of data. It can serve as both a read-intensive database for large-scale business intelligence systems and a real-time operational data store for online transactional applications. In this article, we describe three of the most relevant benchmarks that were developed to assess both NoSQL and big data capabilities and complex analytic functionality (YCSB, BigBench, and TPC-DS). We also review the Cassandra database explaining its characteristics and operational principles. The main focus of this paper is to explain the three benchmarks and Cassandra in order to present the results we obtained from this database.


benchmarking, NoSQL, Cassandra, Cloud Serving Benchmark, YCSB, TPC-DS, BigBench, big data, business intelligence


International Journal of Business Process Integration and Management, Vol. 7, #4 2015


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