Current Status of the I2GATP common format



The i2gatp format is an extension of the i2g (Intergeo) common format to support conjectures and proofs produced by Geometric Automatic Theorem Provers. The goal in building such a format is to provide a communication channel between different tools from the field of geometry, allowing, in such a way, the linking of such tools as well as the use of geometric knowledge kept in different repositories.

In this article we report the current status of the i2gatp format and its accompanying components: the XSD files with the specification of the format; the C++ programs to create the container with all the information regarding a geometric problem or to break it into its components; the filters to convert from/to geometric tools formats to/from i2gatp; the integration with repositories of geometric knowledge.


geometric automated theorem provers; common format


Geometric Proofs common format


Automated Deduction in Geometry (ADG2014), July 2015


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