Demonstration of Programming in Python using a remote lab with Raspberry Pi



The development of programming skills in computer science students, namely algorithm thinking and logical reasoning, is an important challenge to overcome their difficulties in CS1 and CS2 courses. With the advent of Internet of Things, the actual approaches based on project-oriented learning processes can be extended to use experimental setups with low cost microcomputers. In this paper, we provide a demonstration of online experiences with Raspberry Pi, connected to a wireless sensor network, in order togive CS2 students the ability to interact to physical world through practical examples in the context of online experimentation.


Online experimentation, remote sensing; remote labs, programming in Python, wireless sensor networks


Online experimentation

Related Project

Partilha e divulgação de experimentação online em cursos de engenharia, suportada por redes de sensores e atuadores sem fios e por conteúdos multimédia


3rd Experiment@International Conference -'15, June 2015

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