Demonstration of modeling and simulation of physiological processes using a remote lab



Remote and virtual labs represent a very importantsupport in engineering teaching and can be used to improve the students learning process, for example of Biomedical Engineering
courses, on topics such as the identification of models and control systems. This paper describes the demonstration of an online experiment, supported by a three-tank lab system, to model, simulate and monitoring a physiological process as the system of
ingestion and excretion of a drug. A Web platform is used to interact with the remote and virtual lab, where students can visualize and obtain data in real time from the remote system.


Online experimentation, remote and virtual labs, physiological processes, biomedical engineering


Online experimentation

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Partilha e divulgação de experimentação online em cursos de engenharia, suportada por redes de sensores e atuadores sem fios e por conteúdos multimédia


3rd Experiment@International Conference -'15, June 2015

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