Enhanced Caching Strategies At the Edge of LTE Mobile Networks



With a boom in the usage of mobile devices for traffic-heavy applications, mobile networks struggle to deliver good performance while saving resources to support more users and save on costs. In this paper, we propose enhanced strategies for the preemptive migration of content stored in Information-Centric Networking caches at the edge of LTE mobile networks. With such strategies, the concept of content following the users interested in it becomes a reality and content within caches is more optimized towards the requests of nearby users. Results show that the strategies are feasible, efficient and, when compared to default caching strategies, ensure that content is delivered faster to end users while using bandwidth and storage resources more efficiently at the core of the network.


Information-Centric Networking, Content Migration, Caching, LTE


IFIP Networking 2016 Conference (Networking 2016), May 2016


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