Handbook of Genetic Programming Applications



This paper describes the methodology, architecture and features of the eCrash framework, a Java-based tool which employs Strongly-Typed Genetic Programming to automate the generation of test data for the structural unit testing of Object-Oriented programs. The application of Evolutionary Algorithms to Test Data generation is often referred to as Evolutionary Testing. eCrash implements an Evolutionary Testing strategy developed with three major purposes: improving the level of performance and automation of the Software Testing process; minimising the interference of the tool’s users on the Test Object analysis to a minimum; and mitigating the impact of users decisions in the Test Data generation process.


Unit Testing, Evolutionary Testing, Object-Orientation, Search-Based Software Engineering, Genetic Programming

Book Chapter

Handbook of Genetic Programming Applications, eCrash: a Genetic Pr, pp. 575-593, Springer International Publishing, June 2015


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