A resilient Internet of Things architecture for smart cities



Nowadays, technology is such an integral part of our lives that the dependency on its benefits is growing faster than ever. With the arrival of the paradigms of smart cities and the Internet of Things, citizens are able to improve their quality of life. Given that sensors and actuators deployed in smart cities usually have limited resources, today, it is a common practice to use cloud computing to extend the scope and benefits of smart cities. Taking into consideration that communication between applications and devices is vital for a good performance of services in a smart city, it is necessary to design new architectures and mechanisms to provide reliability in communications. A key aspect that has to be addressed by the new communications approaches is the possibility to recover the network and its services in case of faults, without human intervention. In this paper, a novel architecture to improve the resilience level of the infrastructure in the Internet of Things is proposed. Moreover, technologies to implement the components from the architecture are suggested. This proposal is discussed within the scope of the SusCity project.


Internet of Things, Smart city, Resilience, Cloud computing, Architecture


Resilience in the Internet of Things

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Annals of Telecommunications, Vol. 72, #1, pp. 19-30, February 2017


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