Edge Caching with Mobility Prediction in Virtualized LTE Mobile Networks



Mobile Edge Computing enables the deployment of services, applications, content storage and processing in close proximity to mobile end users. This highly distributed computing environment can be used to provide ultra-low latency, precise positional awareness and agile applications, which could significantly improve user experience. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to consider next-generation paradigms such as Information-Centric Networking and Cloud Computing, integrated with the upcoming 5th Generation networking access. A cohesive end-to-end architecture is proposed, fully exploiting Information-Centric Networking together with the Mobile Follow-Me Cloud approach, for enhancing the migration of content-caches located at the edge of cloudified mobile networks. The chosen content-relocation algorithm attains content-availability improvements of up to 500\% when a mobile user performs a request and compared against other existing solutions. The performed evaluation considers a realistic core-network, with functional and non-functional measurements, including the deployment of the entire system, computation and allocation/migration of resources. The achieved results reveal that the proposed architecture is beneficial not only from the users' perspective but also from the providers point-of-view, which may be able to optimize their resources and reach significant bandwidth savings.


Information-Centric Networking, Content Migration, Edge Caching, Mobility Prediction, LTE, Mobile Cloud, Follow-Me Cloud


Future Generation Computer Systems, Elsevier 2016


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