Quality of Service Routing in the Differentiated Services Framework



In this paper we present a quality of service routing strategy for networks where traffic differentiation follows the class-based paradigm, as in the Differentiated Services framework. This routing strategy is based on a metric of quality of service. This metric represents the impact that delay and losses verified at each router in the network have in application performance. Based on this metric, it is selected a path for each class according to the class sensitivity to delay and losses. The distribution of the metric is triggered by a relative criterion with two thresholds, and the values advertised are the moving average of the last values measured.

We present the results of tests concerning the evaluation of the criterion used, and show that it has higher sensitivity than a criterion with one threshold. We also evaluate the impact that the time scale used for computing the moving average has in the number of advertisements issued. Parameter tuning and evaluation of message overhead introduced by a more frequent distribution of routing information are also discussed.


QoS routing, Differentiated Services


QoS routing

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QoS II - Quality of Service in Computer Communication Systems


SPIE2000, November 2000

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