Diet, Lifestyles, Family History, and Prostate Cancer Incidence in an East Algerian Patient Group



Prostate cancer (PC) is the fourth most common cancer in men and the sixth leading cause of death in Algeria. To examine the relationship between lifestyle factors, including diet, and family history and PC risk, a case-control study was performed in an eastern Algerian population, comprising 90 patients with histologically con rmed PC and 190 controls. Data collection was carried out through a structured questionnaire and statistical analysis was performed to evaluate the di erent variables. e data showed that consumption of lamb and beef meat and high intake of animal fat and dairy products increased PC risk. Seven to thirteen vegetables servings per week and fourteen or more servings decreased PC risk by 62% and 96%, respectively. Seven to fourteen fruit servings per week decrease PC risk by 98%. Green tea consumption reduced the risk of PC but the results were statistically borderline. Increased risk was observed for individuals with family history of PC in rst and in second degree. A positive strong association was also found for alcohol and smoking intake and a dose-response relationship existed for quantity and history of smoking. is study suggests that dietary habits, lifestyle factors, and family history have in uence on the development of PC in Algerian population.


BioMed Research International, October 2016


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