TypeAdviser: a type design aiding-tool



The number of people who design typefaces has drastically increased in the last twenty years. However, not all typefaces work as they should, i.e., as a group of characters with shared attributes. We present a tool for helping type designers in their creative process, which explores the anatomic relations among characters of a typeface. Having computer-aided design as a goal, our tool helps in the early stages of designing a typeface by using semi-automatic letter-part sharing and allowing the users to compare their design with existing typefaces.


Computational Design, Computer-Aided Design, Type Design


Proceedings of the Workshop on Computational Creativity, Concept Invention, and General Intelligence (C3GI 2016) co-located with the 28th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI 2016),Bozen-Bolzano, Italy, August 20-22, 2016. 2016


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