Exploring the Design-Space: The Authorial Game Evolution Tool Case-Study



This paper describes a case-study on the use of AGE, the Authorial Game Evolution approach, a creativity support tool designed to assist game designers. AGE allows designers to conduct a systematic process of generation and evaluation of game-prototypes, as well as automatically evolve a game-prototype until it mediates a desired form of game-play experience.
To assess the tool, a design case study was held where a designer used AGE to create a game. We used a convergent mixed methods experimental design, and analyzed quantitative and qualitative data resulting from four design sessions. Creativity Support Index self-report shows the designer found AGE very good in supporting his design, especially for exploration of the design-space. However, he appropriated it exclusively for exploration, not optimization. These show AGE has potential for exploring the design-space, though issues remain before it is an effective medium for high-quality designs.


Procedural Content Generation, Game Design


Using Procedural Content Generation in Game Design Exercise


13th International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology, November 2016

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