GangKlang: Facilitating a Movement-oriented Walking Experience Through Sonic Interaction



Sedentary lifestyle and resulting health problems have increased interest in design strategies to supports people's motivation for physical activity. In our experience-driven approach, we focus on renewing walkers’ sensibility to embodied aesthetic qualities of the processing activity itself. In this paper, we present our steps to design sonic interaction tailored towards re-emphasizing the bodily dimension within walker’s experience. We designed and developed a mobile application that makes the user’s walking movement audible. Using our mobile application, users’ walking movements trigger sounds that evolve into a dynamic soundscape
changing in real time. We discuss initial findings on how listening to a walking-generated soundscape influences walkers’ experience in terms of attention focus.


Sonic interaction design, body-routines, walking experience, walking-generated soundscape, work song


Human-Computer Interaction, Sound Design


Proceedings of the Audio Mostly 2016, October 2016


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